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These are the actions that can be added to Controllers (i.e. Input, Conditional, and Trigger Controllers) to provide a way to add additional functionality or interact with other parts of Mycodo. Actions may work with one or more controller type, depending on how the Action has been designed.

For a full list of supported Actions, see Supported Actions.

Custom Actions~

There is a Custom Action import system in Mycodo that allows user-created Actions to be used in the Mycodo system. Custom Actions can be uploaded on the [Gear Icon] -> Configure -> Custom Actions page. After import, they will be available to use on the Setup -> Function page.

If you develop a working Action module, please consider creating a new GitHub issue or pull request, and it may be included in the built-in set.

Open any of the built-in modules located in the directory Mycodo/mycodo/actions for examples of the proper formatting.

There are also example Custom Actions in the directory Mycodo/mycodo/actions/examples

Additionally, I have another github repository devoted to Custom Modules that are not included in the built-in set, at kizniche/Mycodo-custom.