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Notes may be created that can then be displayed on graphs or referenced at a later time. All notes are timestamped with the date/time of creation or may be created with a custom date/time. Each note must have at least one tag selected. Tags are what are selected to be displayed on a graph and all notes with that tag will appear in the time frame selected on the graph.

Tag Options~

Setting Description
Name A name for the tag. Must not contain spaces.
Rename Rename the tag.

Note Options~

Setting Description
Name A name for the note.
Use Custom Date/Time Check to enter a custom date/time for the note.
Custom Date/Time Store the note with this custom date/time.
Attached Files Attach one or more files to the note.
Tags Associate the note with at least one tag.
Note The text body of the note. The text will appear monospaced, so code will format properly.