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Page: [Gear Icon] -> Upgrade

If you already have Mycodo installed, you can perform an upgrade to the latest Mycodo Release by either using the Upgrade option in the web interface (recommended) or by issuing the following command in a terminal. A log of the upgrade process is created at /var/log/mycodo/mycodoupgrade.log and is also available from the [Gear Icon] -> Mycodo Logs page.

sudo mycodo-commands upgrade-mycodo


Page: [Gear Icon] -> Backup Restore

A backup is made to /var/Mycodo-backups when the system is upgraded or instructed to do so from the web interface on the [Gear Icon] -> Backup Restore page.

If you need to restore a backup, this can be done on the [Gear Icon] -> Backup Restore page (recommended). Find the backup you would like restored and press the Restore button beside it. If you're unable to access the web interface, a restore can also be initialized through the command line. Use the following command to initialize a restore. The [backup_location] must be the full path to the backup to be restored (e.g. "/var/Mycodo-backups/Mycodo-backup-2018-03-11_21-19-15-5.6.4/" without quotes).

sudo mycodo-commands backup-restore [backup_location]